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Welcome to Apple Tree Acres. Our farm is located in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Our family consists of myself (Amber), my husband Scott, and our five beautiful children, Paige, Natalie, Kate, Caleb, and Claire. We are constantly learning more each day about all aspects of farming goats. We currently raise registered Nigerian Dwarfs, Boers, and Oberhasli's. Our foundation stock of each breed is very strong with excellent bloodlines.
Oberhaslis' playing in the snow!
We have alot of people to thank for helping us get our start in the various breeds. First, for helping us get a great start with some nice looking Boer goats with wonderful genetics, we would like to thank Kelly and Sally Mahan of Back 2 Nature Boers in Illinois, Betsy Muehleip of Ten Strike Ranch in Illinois, Linda Lamarch of Snowdrift Meadows in Eben, MI, and finally John Damron of Silver Leaf Farm in Stephenson, MI. John is extremely knowledgeable about all things goat and he is always more than willing to share that knowledge.

Next, we have to thank Linda Lamarch again for a great start with Nigerian Dwarfs. We also need to thank Karen Valley and Meghan Namaste of Dancing Angels in Negaunne, MI, and Sheri Trout of Bob N Trout Farm in downstate Holly, MI.

Lastly, we have to send a big thank you to Bob and Darlene Taylor of First Fruits Farm in Crystal Falls, MI for the wonderful Oberhasli girls. They are beautiful, very dairy, and have wonderful milking lines. Also, thanks for all of the knowledge that you have passed to us. Also, thank you to Cheryl St. Martin of White Cashmere Farm in Rumely, MI for Roxy and Ophelia--two wonderful Oberhaslis! Cheryl is also always very willing to answer any questions that we have. Thanks Cheryl!
UPDATE: May 5, 2013. Updated the FOR SALE page.
The "farm dogs" taking a rest. On the left is Ringo the French Bulldog and on the right is Josie the Boston Terrier.
Apple Tree Acres is a very busy place. Along with taking care of the kids and goats, we also have chickens, ducks, rabbits, llamas, horses, and one very spoiled Jersey cow!
Paige and Natalie giving Cara and Camille their bottles.
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We are proud members of the:

American Dairy Goat Association

American Goat Society

American Boer Goat Association
Roxie and me at the Alger County Fair 2009
Scott with Mona at the Alger County Fair 2009
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Apple trees in blossom!